2022 Celebration: Where we've been and where we're going next!

It’s 2022 and we have some big plans for the year ahead! Celebrating our 10th Anniversary, we have so much to be grateful for and are eager to make this our best year yet. But before we get carried away with the future, we want to take a moment to highlight some of our favorite moments and biggest wins from the last 10 years. With the support of our incredible donors and the tireless work of our growing team, Iqra Fund has:

  • Provided quality education to more than 5,000 students in the most remote regions of Northern Pakistan
  • Partnered with 22 villages across three regions and established schools in each location
  • Hired more than 70 trained and qualified teachers 

And this is only the beginning! As we continue our work in Northern Pakistan, we are excited to break ground on Basha Valley’s first ever Girls’ High School in Spring of 2022! This development will allow for hundreds of our high school ready girls to continue their education closer to home and pursue their dreams of bringing progressive change to their valley. 

Ten years ago it was only a dream, a vision for the future of Basha Valley, that one day the girls who were enrolling in kindergarten and first grades (during our first year of operations) would someday be entering high school. We now have over 250 students ready to enroll.

By partnering with the government and community, this high school will not rely solely on funding from Iqra Fund. The government will support by matching funding needs for hiring teachers, support land acquisition, and anything else our High School may need. The community will donate land, labor, and other valuable assets needed to make this project succeed. With their help, we will continue to ensure that every Iqra Fund donor dollar is used in the most impactful and sustainable way possible.

With such an amazing year ahead, we are excited to share this journey with you as we continue to grow and support our girls in every possible way!