A Father's Commitment To Girls' Education


Belqis Bano, one of Iqra Fund’s first students in 2011, is now top of her 3rd grade class.

We asked Ali Khan if he could interview his daughter to share with you. The proud father took a video of the interview with his daughter.  The entire video is in English, and you get to watch as Ali Khan’s beams with pride and love for his daughter. We’ve shared a short excerpt of the interview below for you to enjoy.

Ali Khan: How are you?

Belqis Bano: I am fine, papa.  How are you?

AK: I am well, thank you.  Can I ask you some questions?

BB:  Yes .

AK: In which grade are you studying?

BB  I read in grade three. 

AK: Can you tell me the name of your school?

BB: My school is Mashabrum Public School, Hushe. 

AK: What do you and your friends like to do at school?

BB:  We like to read and write and make charts.  When the teacher is not in class we like to make noise.  

AK: What do you do when you are not in school?

BB: Often study at home, and sometimes go for play with jumping rope with friends. 

AK: Very well, very well.  Which is your favorite subject?

BB: My favorite subject is English because it is easy to read and write and it has international importance. 

AK: Yes, it is important.  Who is your favorite teacher?

BB: Sir Ayub Hussain, because when I ask him questions he writes the answer in my notebook.  He entertains us by telling stories, and he gives us chances to compete with each other.  

AK: What do you want to be when you grow up?

BB: I want to be a doctor to treat the patients and help the needy and the poor. 

AK: What message do you want to convey to our donors of Iqra Fund?

BB: You are very nice people.  I thank to you for school supplies and for your support.  

AK: You have big dreams, and I am very happy.  I will help you.  When you grow up, you will go to college. Maybe will go to USA some day for further study!

BB: Thank you, papa.