Education: A Transformative Experience

One of the most rewarding things about our work is being able to see the transformation that takes place in a girl’s outlook on life once she has the opportunity to go to school. As our students begin their classroom education they are opened up to a world of possibilities. They start to dream of they things they could do, what kind of career they could have, and begin to develop ambitions for their future. This is so exciting to witness, and it strengthens our conviction that these girls, once educated, can change their communities for the better and bring prosperity to the entire region.

Recently we talked with Roqaiya Bano from Hushe valley who aspires to become a doctor and serve her village. Roqaiya is a 20 year old high school student being supported by Iqra Fund. Having to wait for many years to get to high school didn’t deter Roqaiya, who is the daughter of a farmer and one of eight family members. In her early years there was no primary or middle school in her village, and when one finally opened it she began studying, even though she was older than all of her classmates. However, her village did not have a high school, so after middle school she was forced to discontinue her education; her father could not afford to send her to live in a nearby town to attend high school.

After three years passed, Roqaiya learned of Iqra Fund’s higher education scholarship program for girls. She is now studying in a high school in Skardu, where Iqra Fund covers the cost of her schooling and accommodation. Though Roqaiya missed out on going to school for years due to her family’s poverty, she never lost her drive for education. Once she realizes her dream becoming a doctor, she hopes to provide maternal and child healthcare to the women of her village.