Happy Independence Day!

This year, our students are celebrating Pakistan’s Independence Day outside in the sunshine. They played football, volleyball, had a tug-of-war contest, and sang patriotic songs to commemorate the holiday. Above is a picture of some of our students in Sultanabad from earlier today.

On the 70th anniversary of Pakistan’s formation, we are feeling so grateful for the work we’ve been doing in the communities we serve. Your continuing support has enabled us to reach communities who have never before have access to education. Children who have never seen the inside of a classroom are now going to school every day, and sharing what they have learned with their parents. We at Iqra Fund feel humbled to be a part of this transformation of communities. Working with people living in the mountainous northern areas of Pakistan, we have learned just as much from them as we have been able to deliver, if not more. Here are a few things we have learned over the past decade:

·       Everyone agrees that educating girls is essential to break the cycle of poverty and to provide future generations with a better life.

·       When given the opportunity, communities are more than willing to work together to provide their children, especially girls, with education.

·       The areas we work in are full of resilient and hard working individuals who we must continue to support so that they can achieve universal education.


Thank you for supporting girls’ education in Pakistan. Happy Independence Day!