Exciting Partnership with USAID

This year Iqra Fund is excited and proud to announce it’s new partnership with USAID’s Small Grants and Ambassador’s Fund Program (SGAFP). SGAFP is generously providing us with nearly $60,000, which we will use to further our goal of providing access to quality education, especially for girls, living in remote mountain communities.

Through this partnership, we will be supporting the education of 1,220 children across 6 villages. Out of these 1,220, we will be providing 295 girls with school supplies, textbooks, uniforms, shoes etc. We will also be training 11 teachers in modern teaching methods, and providing them with teaching materials and supplies so that our students have access to quality education. We will also be working with the larger community, forming Village Education Committees and Mother Support Groups in each of the six villages and conducting awareness sessions with them so that our students have the support of the entire community as they pursue their education, and also to ensure that our work is sustained by the community beyond the program’s life. 

Through this program we will be supporting female entrepreneurs from these villages. By training 90 young out-of-school girls and minority and/or very poor women in tailoring, helping them create market linkages to sell their clothes and providing them with the equipment and materials they need to continue their business from home, we will be providing these women with a sustainable source of income which they can use to support education for their girls.

We are excited to be reaching so many school children in remote villages this year thanks to this partnership. Stay tuned for updates along the way!