Spotlight: Mother's Support Group Leader Sakina

“I dream of a life for my daughters where they are educated and finally free of poverty.”

Sakina is the leader of the Mother’s Support Group in her village of Basha Valley. Understanding that the success of a child in school greatly depends on their home environment, Iqra Fund works with mothers in each community, involving them in their children’s academic life to help create an atmosphere of support for the students. Mother’s Support Groups meet every few weeks and discuss ways they can help the community’s children succeed in school. Sakina explains one of the initiatives they worked on last year, “during the winter when school was in recess, we pooled our money together and hired a tutor for our children so that when school reopened, they were ready for the next grade.”

Sakina is uneducated herself, a self-taught midwife who has delivered most of the children who she now supports through her work with the Mother’s Support Group. She says that Iqra Fund has helped her and her village to see how education can empower a community, and is optimistic about the future of her village, “Hopefully some day thanks to Iqra Fund one of these children will become a doctor and my services won’t be needed.”