Student Spotlight: Abdul Aneem

Abdul Aneem is a ninth grade student who values education and understands how essential it is for both the men and women of his village, Hushe Valley. Currently studying in Skardu with financial support from Iqra Fund, Abdul’s favorite subject is math, and he wants to pursue a PhD some day.

Abdul dreams of a brighter future for the women of his community, where they no longer have to spend all their time laboring in the fields and tending to the cattle. Abdul understands the importance of women being educated and believes that for there to be any progress in his community, men and women need to work together toward this goal. “Women hold the key to the household, and educating them in turn benefits the whole family. Men have a responsibility to help women receive an education.”

Abdul plans to return to his home in Hushe after his studies and use his academic journey to help people in his valley. “I want to shine light on the valley of Hushe through education,” says Abdul. During summer break, Abdul volunteers at the primary school in Hushe, tutoring the younger students. He utilizes his free time trying to better himself and helping others.