Student Spotlight: Amina Ashraf

Today, we are celebrating one of our courageous scholarship students, Amina Ashraf. Amina is completing her degree in mathematics at the University of Baltistan with a full Iqra Fund scholarship. As a leader in our first cohort of girls to continue their education beyond primary school, she now dreams of returning to her region to teach mathematics to the next generation of girls. 

Amina shares, ‟My life has been changed after this scholarship support. Iqra Fund has always been supportive to me and other girls of my village. We are lucky enough that our community is also supportive.”

When asked about her experience leaving home to study in Skardu as an Iqra Fund scholarship student, Amina describes, “Being away from home to study was initially tough. We were weeping at nights missing family and especially my mother. But the thirst for knowledge and dreams of becoming an educated person got us out of sorrow. Now life is shining day by day.”

Iqra Fund is now able to address these challenges by providing middle and secondary schooling for our girls closer to their homes. We have worked closely with the local Department of Education to expand so that girls who dream of continuing their education past primary school are no longer limited to travel and study in a far-off city, like Skardu.