Student Spotlight: Kaneez Fatima

Pictured above talking to our Program Officer Naila, is Kaneez Fatima, one of Iqra Fund’s high school scholarship students. Kaneez studies in Skardu, a bumpy four-hour drive from her native village of Tissar, located in remote northern Pakistan.

Growing up in Tissar, Kaneez was luckier than a lot of girls her age – her parents allowed her to attend the local primary school. Going to school however, did not mean that she was free of the domestic chores that women and girls in her community are responsible for. Everyday, she would come home from school and spend hours working in the fields and helping to take care of her younger siblings. It was only when everyone went to bed that Kaneez would have time to catch up on her day’s homework.

Despite her many obligations, Kaneez always scored top grades in all her classes. She loves studying, so much so that she has competed in several national and international student contests and won many of them. Each time she wins another contest, she makes her parents proud.

Now Kaneez is excelling in high school, and can’t wait till the time comes to pursue a higher degree. She aspires to become an English teacher so that she can go back to her village and teach others English, so that they too can compete in international forums like her.