Student Spotlight: Zahra Bano

“I was always really shy and lacked confidence, but my family supported me no matter what.”

Zahra Bano is one of our high school scholarship students, studying in Skardu. She is from the remote village of Hushe in Baltistan, northern Pakistan.

Zahra’s father is a farmer, who supports his family of ten on his small monthly salary. Though Zahra’s family is poor and high school options in her village are non-existent; she is still one of the lucky ones in her village. This is because her family understands the importance of education – for both boys and girls. Her family supported her desire to go to school, and found a way to make it a reality. With a full scholarship from Iqra Fund, Zahra is thriving in high school and can’t wait to go back to her village so that she can help other girls just like her.