Student Spotlight: Zarina Batool

“This scholarship played a pivotal role in my life. I am grateful for Iqra Fund helping me make my dreams come true.”

Zarina (pictured above) is from Saisko, a small village located in Basha Valley, where she completed her primary and middle school education. Since 2011, Iqra Fund has played a major role in bringing quality education to the most remote regions in Northern Pakistan.

After completing her studies in Saisko, Zarina insisted that she continue her education in the big city. Although her parents were reluctant to allow her to go, Zarina studied hard and her exceptional exam marks secured her admission to the Government Girls High School in Skardu, as well as a full Iqra Fund scholarship. Since then, she has continued with her studies in Skardu and is working towards her admission to a reputable college where she will continue her upper division studies. 

However, Zarina recognizes that she is one of the lucky ones from her village. Due to financial constraints, many of her classmates were forced to drop out of school after 8th grade and were then married off into different families. Had it not been for her Iqra Fund scholarship, Zarina would have been pushed down the same path as so many of her friends and schoolmates. With her passion for education guiding her, Zarina is determined to be an inspiration for the other girls in her village and bring about progressive change in her society. Thanks to your support and the support of Iqra Fund, Zarina will continue to be a beacon of hope and light, guiding the next generation forward.