Teacher Training Course Update

I am so excited to inform you that we've just completed our second round of teacher training this year, in partnership with the British Council. The five day training was attended by 57 teachers in two cohorts. Both groups were given training on critical thinking and problem solving skills. Overall, it was a great chance for our teachers to be exposed to various capacity development and professional growth opportunities, ultimately helping them deliver quality education to the girls and boys in the communities we serve. The teachers participated in sessions where they reflected on their previous teaching practices and found ways to integrate new and creative teaching strategies. 

Now these teachers will implement what they have learned in their schools and classrooms. After eight weeks they will come back to share their reflections on how they have incorporated the various techniques they learned into their daily lessons, and how these techniques are being received by their students. They will also write a brief report on their learning and the whole process. I am so happy that Iqra Fund has now trained 110 teachers. Our circle of influence has been increased through these training courses and our impact will reach more than 8,000 children. I believe that it is a great achievement of Iqra Fund and our team. Thank you everyone for your support and dedication.

- Bashir Ahmad, Program Director