The Role of Mother Support Groups in Supporting Quality Education

In the conservative, mountain communities where Iqra Fund operates, we strive to create an active role for the local women. By establishing mother support groups in each village, Iqra Fund helps local women take responsibility for their children’s education and develop a conducive environment for learning at homes. Pictured above is a recent mother support group meeting in Basho Valley.

Mother support groups are comprised of women who are local elders, or mothers. They meet periodically to discuss ways that they can provide leadership and support for their daughters in their pursuit of education. This program cultivates women’s empowerment by providing women with structured education and leadership in their communities. By strengthening the Mother’s Support Groups, they have a larger influence in their daughter’s education and also their community’s education programs, helping to provide leadership and support for the next, and first, generation of well educated children in these communities. 

Iqra Fund supports each mother support group in skills to create a conducive learning environment and guide their daughters in time management to create a balance between studies and work at home and in the fields. We believe that our girls cannot succeed without support from their families, and mother support groups play a vital role in each child’s success.