The Value of Measuring Our Impact

At Iqra fund, we spend a lot of time carefully evaluating the work we do. Each teacher training program, leadership training for communities and each and every classroom is monitored, and data is painstakingly recorded on key outcomes, quality and performance, to name a few of our parameters. Our staff not only works directly with communities to implement our programs, they also work hard to maintain updated records and data on each of our program areas.

Why do we do this? As a social organization, our purpose of providing access to quality education for children, especially girls, in northern Pakistan is central to our existence. We believe that gathering data on our programs is critical to helping us ensure that we fulfill that purpose and remain true to our mission, that our approach is succeeding and is, in fact, improving the lives of people living in remote rural areas of Pakistan. Gathering data not only definitively proves that we are achieving what we set out to do, it helps us identify potential challenges and opportunities for our program that can make us even stronger.

Measuring our impact across key performance indicators such as school enrollment, dropout rates, and year-end exam results is important for our donors as well. For those who demonstrate their trust in our ability to change lives through education, we must be absolutely certain that their generously given funds are being used to their maximum potential. We are happy to report that our program is 100% transparent, and are results are communicated each year with our annual report. For more detailed information on our programs, reach out to us any time! We are always happy to share information on the important work that we are doing.