Iqra Fund establishes high quality self-sustaining school systems in the remote, mountainous regions of northern Pakistan. We are dedicated to empowering all students, especially girls.

teachers trained
first generation students supported to-date
of girls have access to K-12 education for the first time

Support a girl’s dream to be the first in her family to go to school

  • $165 sends one girl to school for a year
  • $2,500 funds her entire K-12 education
  • $5,000 for her 4-year university degree

Why Girls

The case for investing in girls’ education is backed by decades of research on global development. When girls are educated, child and early marriage rates decrease, families are smaller and healthier, infant and maternal mortality rates go down, wages go up, and GDP grows. Educating girls is also one of the top means of addressing climate change.

Why Pakistan

Pakistan’s stability is globally significant geo-politically, economically, and environmentally. With the second highest population of out-of-school-children globally, Pakistan is struggling to address this education crisis with 44% of children ages 5-16 not enrolled in school. Increasing access to education will strengthen the local economy, decrease vulnerability to extremism, and increase local capacity to address significant economic, social, and political challenges.

Why the Tribal North

Historically a marginalized and underserved region of northern Pakistan, Baltistan has some of the highest out-of-school children rates in the country and is especially vulnerable to political and economic instability. It is also home to the largest glacial volume in the world, making it most vulnerable to the effects of climate change. Without education, girls and women are less equipped to adapt subsistence-based farming practices in the face of the global climate crisis.

"The {if} Girls" Graphic Novel

The {if} Girls graphic novel series shares the perseverance of three girls, and represents the vision, resilience, and determination of thousands more. Belqis, Amina and Iqra, were born in remote villages in northern Pakistan, and are part of the first generation girls from their region to have an education. They partnered with the Iqra Fund team and visual artists in 2023 to share their stories with you.  

Read the Graphic Novel