A Girl's Education. A Community's Future.

Iqra Fund provides access to quality education, especially for girls, in the remote regions of northern Pakistan.

Who We Are

Iqra Fund is a U.S. based nonprofit organization committed to serving girls in remote regions faced with economic, social, and political barriers to education.

Our founder's years of travel, on-the-ground research, and educational development in northern Pakistan have established a deep understanding of the unique challenges that these communities face.

By working with community strengths and local leadership, Iqra Fund provides girls with educational opportunities to improve their quality of life.

Why Remote Northern Pakistan?

Iqra Fund Impact To-Date:


partnering school communities in 3 districts of the remote, tribal north.


total girls enrolled and supported in primary through secondary school.


teachers hired and 94 teachers trained.

2019 Results:


of 5th grade girls passed annual national exams.


of girls in participating villages are enrolled in school (from 0% pre-Iqra Fund).


of 6th-8th grade girls passed annual national exams.


Within 3 years of partnering with Iqra Fund, communities invest in at least 25% of girls’ and 90% of boys’ school costs.


of village leaders regularly participate in Iqra Fund capacity building workshops so they can better support their children’s education.


hours on average are invested in each teacher’s professional development each year.

Why Girls?