The {if} Girls


The {if} Girls – Belqis, Amina, and Iqra – were born in remote villages in northern Pakistan, and are part of the first generation girls from their region to have an education. They partnered with the Iqra Fund {if} team and visual artists in 2023 to share their stories with you.

Click on the portrait of each {if} Girl below see her story, or download the graphic novel here.

The {if} Girls graphic novel series shares the perseverance of three girls, and represents the vision, resilience, and determination of thousands more. Iqra Fund {if} has supported over 5,000 first-generation students from some of the most underserved districts of northern Pakistan since 2011.  

These girls are now becoming the first female health care providers, educators, and employed women in their communities. They will also be the first mothers in their families able to read to their children.  

Thank you for partnering with our {if} girls as they improve the quality of life and health for their families, while collectively strengthening local economies, regional governance, and global climate change resilience for future generations.